Guitar lessons

I’m based in Stoke Newington for lessons.

Contact me here: or Mobile: 07464227660

About me: I moved to London in 2016 from  Melbourne in order to immerse myself in a different part of the world and expand my experience of life and music. I hold a Masters degree in Music Performance from Melbourne University (Victorian College of the Arts). I’ve been a professional guitar and freelance musician for 20 years. I’ve also taught at all levels for the same amount of time. Most recently I was lecturer and guitar tutor at Melbourne Polytechnic and Collarts, both in Melbourne, Australia.

I have experience teaching beginners of all ages and advanced players (of all ages). I am very patient and believe in helping all students enjoy the process of learning the guitar – it’s worth it!

Any and all of the below are topics I can cover, speaking from personal experience.

Songs: Sing-a-long, Classics, Accompaniment, Melodies

Styles: Rock, Jazz, Folk, Afro-beat, Indian, African, Latin, Celtic, Classical, Experimental

Technique: Scales, Arpeggios, Picking, Strumming, Legato, Tapping, Chords, Harmonics, Unorthodox techniques, Posture

Knowledge: Sight reading, Ear training, Harmony, Scales, Improvisation, Rhythm, Time, Voice leading, Analysis, Music history, Transcription, Tablature

Composition: Lyrics, Styles, Song writing, Song forms, Analysis, Sibelius (software)

Gear: Guitars, Amps, Pedals, Multi FX, leads, picks, strings, straps, metronomes, tuners

Recording tools: Logic, Protools, Ableton Live, USB interfaces, Microphones

30 min lesson – £17 (suitable for beginners)

45 min lesson – £25

60 min lesson – £30 (suitable for advanced students)